What I have learned when setting up this page

Responsibility · because I am the sole maintainer of this page, I need to keep it running. That means having a plan for server upgrade, think twice before changing the configuration. But I usually made stupid mistakes, so it's fine to let the page goes down for a couple of hours.

Reliability · I select technologies not by their modern but focus on long term support, simple to maintain and security. It will help me sleep well and spend less time to maintain the system.

Dependency · I'm trying to keep the third party dependencies minimal in the code base, it helped me when I need to change the runtime platform of the page from Node.js to Deno.

Computer networking · I know how to use SSH, IPsec, routing... to set up the servers for this page. The page is not only about writing, it's about having full control of a computer system from the domain name to the software and hardware. I learned how to plan a network, choosing devices and made them connected.

Infrastructure · the setup requires me to work on a VPS, a Mikrotik router and a small computer.

OpenBSD · using OpenBSD as the platform and tried to use its built-in tools to set up the web server, the reverse proxy and the IPsec VPN. I could maintain a long term system with frequent upgrading and maintaining with fewer efforts.