To be continued

It's been a long time since I first created a blog.

There was 2005 and Yahoo was a thing, the blog was on Yahoo! 360, a platform attracted young people share their though on many topics, mostly personal teenager opinion. I'm one of them. Then came Facebook, people were crazy about how connected they are on a social network, Facebook solved issues from the previous platforms such as image hosting, messaging, commenting, notification and friend list. The "real" social in my country improved a lot with the coming of Facebook, people's opinion raised and listened, there was some freedom of speech for a country needed it. I personally felt missing Yahoo! 360 age, where we could share more personal things and wrote our though deeply.

Since then, I created a blog on Blogger, but I never felt comfortable on that platform, it could be my fault.

I recently found these guys (Tim Bray, Dan Abramov, Jamie Zawinski) and together with my long following author Duong Ngoc Thai triggered the writing spirit in me, again. I named this "to be continued", surely inspired from the "on going" of Tim Bray, to remind me that I can continue on it anytime.